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First Inter CSIT College Futsal Tournament

Organized By - Samajik College

In the 21st century, reading and writing is not only the part of the educational curriculum; theoretical studying with the practical implementation is the best way of acquiring knowledge. This is what the CSIT course is all about. CSIT course is not 100% theoretical but it relies on implication of the practical so that acquiring the knowledge is acting as the bridge between the educational career and the real working system. But this is not sufficient for the students as the course is based on Semester System so there is always the pressure of studying. In order to release the burden of studying and to refresh the students, we are going to bridge this gap by organizing the 1st Inter-College CSIT Futsal Tournament.

This tournament will not only be the platform for playing and enjoying as the refreshment but also be the platform for interacting and sharing the ideas, innovations, experiences and knowledge between the students of various colleges and campuses. Also, the involvement of the different experts from the technological fields will be sharing their experience and their road of success which will be the pioneer for the students.

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