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CSIT Colleges have organized TT Competition, Cricket Tournament and many other sports tournaments but have not yet organized the Futsal Tournament. So we will be the pioneer for organizing this INTER-CSIT College Futsal Tournament. Involvement of students of more than 25 colleges and their active participation subjects the discovery of the diversity of those student possesses and share their memory on the course.

This will be the first ever Futsal Tournament organizing in the University under BSc CSIT. This tournament will not only be organized. Hope this will not only be the platform to play and enjoy but also be the platform for gathering the students from different colleges and share their ideas, views, understandings and experiences with each other.


The main objectives of organizing the tournament are:
1. To provide the intimate relationship between different colleges and campuses.
2. To provide a nationwide exposure to the young technical talents of our nation.
3. To develop professionalism, team spirit, integrity and communication skills among students of different colleges.
4. To coordinate IT student with different IT industries, organizations and institutions.
5. For giving continuity of the Tournament.


We have targeted 1000+ visitors including players, team members, supporters, audiences, advertisers, and sponsors within 2 days of our natural event. The visitors include:
• CSIT students from 30 different colleges.
• Players, coach, manager, volunteers from around 25 teams.
• Guest from different sectors like CAN (Computer Association of Nepal), ICT, coordinator from each college, HOD from each CSIT colleges.
• Others.

Promotion Areas

1. All the +2/Bachelor colleges students in Kathmandu Valley of Nepal.
2. Notice board wall posturing in Valley Colleges and other city college of Nepal.

Rules and Regulations

1) Terms and condition

a. Each team must oblige to all the rules and regulations set by the committee of the competition.
b. The committee has the rights to change any rules or judgement depending upon the situation.
c. All decision made by referees are valid and finals.

2) Player eligibility

a. Open to all the students currently enrolled in CSIT course, 2069 batch onwards.

3) Registration of Players

a. Each team must have 8 players (including 3 reserved players) and one player can represent only one team.
b. While submission of form for registration, photocopy of latest appeared CSIT EXAM ENTRANCE CARD and College IDENTITY CARD should be included.
c. While appearing in the game the original copy of latest appeared CSIT EXAM ENTRANCE CARD and College IDENTITY CARD should be brought for verification.
d. Manager is not allowed to play.

4) Objection

a) Any objection should be reached to judge desk within 10 minutes after the game by the team captain only.

5) Safety and Security

a. The organizer will not be held responsible for any injury, accident or damaged caused to players or items or teams participating during or after the competition.
b. Rough tackles would be counted as fouls (to avoid accidents).
c. First aiders will be provided for the event.

6) Disciplines

a. Manager, players or supporters of any team involved in fight in or off course will be disqualified from the competition.

7) Time

a. All the games will be held on the exact time provided to the team.
b. The teams must be present in the ground 45 minutes before the game begins.
c. Failure to do so, the teams will be not allowed to participate in the tournament.

1. All the rules of the game are governed by the rules for Futsal defined by FIFA.
2. The referee’s decision will be final and must be respected.
3. No players will be allowed to play barefooted.
4. Teams should be uniformed with their own jersey. (if not bibs will be provided)
5. Organizers will be responsible only for First-Aid treatment.
6. General rules:

a. Kick-off in each game will be determined by the flip of a coin.
b. Substitutes will be made on a roll on/ roll off basis.
c. Corners will be taken from the corner point.
d. If the ball leaves the side of the pitch a, kick-in will start the game.
e. Keeper cannot catch the ball if his team mate back passes him the ball.
f. No side tackles will be permitted. In the event of a player carrying out a slide tackle a free kick will be awarded to the opposing team.
g. Goalkeepers may leave the penalty area during play but in doing so become open to the same rules as other outfield players.
h. Goalkeepers may not throw the ball in to the opponents’ half of the field without the ball bouncing first. If the ball does not bounce before reaching the opponents half, a free kick will be awarded to the opposing team.
i. Players from both teams are allowed to enter the penalty area during open play, free kicks and corners.
j. When a penalty is to be taken only the goalkeeper and the player taking the penalty are allowed inside the penalty area.
k. There are no off-sides.
l. Any player sent off or cautioned twice will not be allowed to continue to take part in the competition.